A summary of 2016 and a wish for 2017

It’s been a while since I wrote on my blog, so many things went on, but I didn’t take the time to write about much of it. The things I am most excited about are our new airbrush course programs, (used in the last two classes this year, and with great success, some minor adjustments and huge results), my upcoming exhibition in Geldrop- working real hard to come up with new works by the end of August, that will be presented there) and lecture in Geldrop 31 August,  our oil paint classes that lifted off in December with such great success. I will repeat them in 2017. I was truly amazed with what they could pull off in only 2 short days with oils, while never used that medium before. Another great thing was the launch of  our first annual Airbrush Grand Prix, with many good entries and amazing winners. Also very happy with all my commissioned artworks for private collections and a lovely gallery in London, thank you all very much for your trust in me as an artist and us (Carlo & me) as a teacher.

Last but not least, all new Marissa FX colors, the new Marissa Fx freehand stencils and our K33 project no.2 (Carlo Tedesco, Prof.Zsolt Kovacs and his team of professors, me) with so many happy customers and amazing reviews. Thank you!

Unfortunately there were also very sad things that happened and are still happening around us and throughout the world. We must stick together and remain strong and positive always, especially during hard times. Embrace your loved ones, care for each other, love animals and nature, they give you so much even if you aren’t always aware and you owe it to give back in any form.

We’d like to say thank you to so many people:

To our Sponsor Anest Iwata for always supporting us any time, anywhere. You are the best!

To our family for their support and help with everything going on behind the scenes of Foxy Studio and keep things flowing, trying to keep us healthy and strong.

To our Mascotte Pudding the Fox who tragically passed away, (he has been painted by me and  auctioned which is donated to the National Fox Society) we miss you Pudding, may you inspire many souls and save many more animals with your continuing spirit.

To our cute dogs Mickey and Ginger for always being there

To our lovely hosts Beatrice Lotscher, Pete Millichamps, Arno Musselman, Guy van Cleemputte, Tim Slooten, Hannu Nivala, Jussi Alsami, Benny Saenen, all help behind the scenes and to Gisela de Frankrijker for teaching a pastel workshop at Foxy Studio.

To our paint maker Bill Edwards, for the great cooperation and new color additions

To all customers and students of Foxy Studio, for being loyal and trustful

To the organisations, galleries and customers that display, buy and sold my artworks

To everyone that participated, juried and sponsored our airbrush competition

To everyone that is and have been there for us

To all my followers on Weblogs, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters and Instagram

To my beloved Carlo, without you my world wouldn’t be that colourful.

My wish: May 2017 be a great year for all of you, stay healthy and besides caring for yourself, also think and are for others, the environment and all animals in need.

In Memorial: Pudding    National Fox Welfare society

“Pudding the Fox”







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