Oktober 2017, the year isn’t over yet, but it feels like a flood of news and excitement have hit me on my path since I chose to paint full time again ( I do this after and in between the art workshops my partner and me teach) and display my art in galleries and art shows for the first time. They are long days of hard work, but I am so happy to do it all and explore these new venues.

I have had an exhibition at Leth’s art gallery in Emmen, september 2017 and a big exhibition in Geldrop at Gallery De Ruimte, where I also held a lecture on airbrushing.

A big dream for me this month was that I sold my painting “Left Behind” during my 1st exhibition through the Guild of Realism at the Winfield gallery in California, within 3 days after the opening of the exhibition.

I also won an Artist’s choice award in California, which is a huge honour, out of incredibly talented realistic painters. Thank you for putting your vote on me! Unfortunately I could not be there myself, but I am looking forward to receiving my ribbon for it.

I’m also involved in future projects with movie and pop stars. The first movie poster I made this year is for Constantin Film- the series is coming out in 2018, called Das Parfum.

In november you can find me a the art show in Nieuwegein, 11-12 November.

At the end of November I’ll deliver a painting for an exhibition in Italy 2018, regarding the Shoah, to never forget what happened and what our brave soldiers fought for during WWII. The painting is currently on my easel as well as Angerona, a series of forgotten Mythical figures with deeper meanings.


I hope to see some of you on my path, wishing you all a wonderful evening… M -x-

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