A New Dimension in art.

The courses are in a relaxed environment, provided with all materials such as paint, exercise reference  and canvas. Everyone can join one or more of our trainings, from beginner to professional. You will receive guidance on personal level and we have small groups to guarantee a maximum result for each student.

We show you how to build up images from scratch to a finished artwork, guiding you throughout a 7-step process filled with tips and tricks. The system is developed so that it can be followed and used by anyone, on any surface. We leave out the infamous scrape and erase techniques as much as possible as well as unneeded details, to ensure an optimum result and stunning painterly effect, looking beyond just a photo with a personal touch.

Since our upgrade from board to our special MFX ultrasmooth canvas, we are able to show amazing real portraits and make sure you go home with all knowledge to do so. You will see that building up the painting is less hard than you think and that it is just the last step that requires some time and good practice to give it a spectacular finishing touch, but even without it looks amazingly real.

Of course you will see ALL of the steps and practice with them on your own canvas in class. In the end we do a little personal evaluation of your progress and tell you exactly what to do at home in order to keep growing and getting better.

Marissa & Carlo:

“Our guidance doesn’t stop after class…we keep supporting you when you are home when you have questions or doubts”.

Note: The Tech’nEZ teaching system is our trademark and can only be taught by Marissa Oosterlee & Carlo Tedesco. Any form of replication of our teaching system is forbidden to protect not only our hard work and experience with students and paintings of many years, but also to protect innocent people from signing up with incapable teachers, which ends in dissatisfying results.

Marissa has been a professional artist since 2003, and teaching art since 2005. She has worked as an illustrator for companies such as Jumbo spellen, Nobilis, Tv Fun, and  Davilex, and build up many collectors and customers that buy her artwork and fantasy illustrations.

In 2011 she developed a teaching system called Tech’nEZ tm, which makes learning how to airbrush and bring it to a higher level, very easy.

Carlo has simultaneously been studying art academy and the Modern Music University in Rome and successfully graduated. His paintings depict a wonderful sense of humor and he works with great precise. 

He gained big experience while working for long time as a graphic designer and illustrator for many respectable companies while as well running his career as a professional musician and now teaching realistic art throughout the world since 2011 together with Marissa.

The Advanced Portrait Class

Robert De Niro

In this exquisite class we show you high level of realism for a more mature/older skin while following an easy schedule, based on our Tech’nEZ system. This advanced schedule will guide you through the following processes: sketch, advanced underpainting, rendering any texture you can find in a skin, and overpainting while creating more depth, volume, color nuances and high level of detail.

The Portrait Class

This 4-day portrait class is a must for every airbrusher that wants to know how to build up a portrait from sketch to final artwork. With 7 easy to follow steps you will learn how to make a sketch, underpainting, play with values, shapes and color, add many textures and details. Everyone can work on their own level and with our professional and intense guidance you will be able to go beyond your own expectations.

The Animals Pet Class

We offer two different Animal Classes: A 3 Day Pets Class and 4 Day Wildlife.  We will show you every aspect about rendering animals!
Fur, eyes, feathers and other textures including a beautiful background..
You will go home with your furry painting and amaze everyone with your own artwork.

Textures & Backgrounds

There is a world of materials and texture to be explored, we will show you how to render many effective and really usable textures. Something that you could use on your paintings!

Useful textures on objects that you may need sooner or later… we show you how it’s done with an airbrush!

I have been using so many different kind of textures on my paintings and often i get asked how to do this or that. Same for backgrounds, just love painting them and experiment with the airbrush and other tools.

Finally, due to high requests, we are happy to announce our Texture & Backgrounds effects Workshop!

Airbrush & Oil

This 4-day class is unique in many ways. We combine the present and past to give you valuable lessons about classical paintings with modern techniques.

Learn to handle and combine brushes and airbrush in a way you have never done before. We take you on a journey through history and  explain all you need to know about composition, values, colour palettes to get a certain “look”. Did you know that every respected Old Master had its own color palette?

We try to come as close as possible and show you how to blend and add textures, clothes, in short a beautiful scene that tells a story…. Sign up for this adventure via

The Monochrome Portrait Class

This is a great way to start airbrushing on a serious level if you are a beginner and just found out you love to airbrush! After you learned how to make dagger strokes, lines, dots and transitions, you are ready to dive into this 3- day monochrome class with us. Learn how to work with shapes, shades, transitions and textures in a face and get all your proportions right. 

The Fantasy Class

Are you ready for a challenge? Then sign up for this fantastic class where your imagination is the only limit!

If you know how to work with color, shapes, contrast, reflections and textures and create perfect transitions, only then you will be able to master any form of art in any way.

We do work with an airbrush mainly during this workshop, but also other tools will be explained and showed, like pencils, erasers, brushes and even your fingers can create awesome realism.

The Colour Palooza Day

We can help you with that!

Come to join our 1- day color madness course and learn all about colour.

We show Many ways of using colour, mixing and matching colour, and how and when to use what.

We also explain the differences between opaques, transparent and translucent paint.

How to make colour corrections and how to use colour glazes, but also how to make a pretty suiting background for your subjects with the right harmony.
Harmony is a very important thing that is often forgotten… With some simple explanation and tricks we can show you how this works.